Spy Dialer API

Spy Dialer can be added to your website or app as a cool new feature! The Spy Dialer API web service uses SOAP messaging with HTTP POST or GET methods for accepting requests and returns results via XML. Sorry, free searches aren't available through the API, but you can buy credits as an authorized API user for just 5 cents each.


1. Become a Spy Dialer subscriber by clicking the Join link above.

2. After you have joined, send us an email request to have your account authorized to use the API. Just tell us who you are, and what your intended use of the Spy Dialer API is. Please include the website or app you will possibly use the API at.

3. We'll review and (in all likelihood) approve your request the same day. Hopefully the same hour. You'll then be clear to use the API at your site or app! You'll also see a new link on your customer control panel that lets you buy API credits in bulk amounts at bulk prices. In the event that we don't approve your API request, just ask and we'll cancel your account and refund your subscription.

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