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NEW! FREE PEOPLE SEARCH: Finding other people should be free! Checking out someone you met online should be easy! We've amassed over a billion public data records and user-contributed address books to build the best 100% free people search on the web! It's free, easy to use and totally anonymous. Its got locations, phones, emails, work info, family members and more! Sorry stalkers, we don't show actual street addresses and full cell phone numbers. All data shown comes from public data sources! Don't want your information shown anyway? No problem! Just use the site "Remove My Info" feature!

PHONE SPAM LOOKUP: Our new Phone Spam lookup lets you do a free lookup in our proprietary database of known phone spammers. If you're not familiar with the term "phone spam" it refers to unwanted calls like robo-calls, opinion surveys and telemarketing pitches. This is the first free lookup of known phone spammers on the web!

CLASSIC SPY DIALER! Our Voicemail Lookup works with cell phone numbers only. Using proprietary methods, we capture the outbound voicemail announcement from a cell phone number and let you listen to the recording. If the person leaves their name on the message ("Hello, this is Rory, please leave me a message at the beep...") then you know who called. SPY WARNING: Persons receiving a spy dial call may see a missed call from one of our spy dialer numbers. If called, the missed number displayed for free users plays a recording that the receiving party has been spy dialed.

PHONE REVERSE LOOKUP: Our Name Lookup works with all phone line types including cell phones and landlines. We conduct a lookup of multiple data sources comprising billions of records to associate the most recent name found with the phone number. Usually, its the current phone owner but sometimes it can be the "best available" which may be a prior owner. Data sources we use include public records and user-contributed address books.

PHONE PHOTO LOOKUP: Our Photo Lookup is a super-cool tool we built to get a photo of the person who owns a given phone number. We use the phone number you input to search social media sites and find the person's photo. It doesn't work all of the time because a lot of people aren't on a social media site or if they are, limited information makes it hard for us to find them. But when it does work, it can only be described as "super-cool"!

3 Great Options!

2 Great Options!

Free Pay
Cost Free Address Book* yes
Searches 10 100 yes
Expires Daily 30 days yes
Sign Up Required no no yes

3 Great Options!

2 Great Options!

Cost Free
Searches 10
Expires Daily
Sign Up Required no
Cost Address Book*
Searches 100
Expires 30 days
Sign Up Required no
Cost yes
Searches yes
Expires yes
Sign Up Required yes

* Share your address book and we add it to our site to help other people just like their address book helps you. We will NEVER use your address book information for marketing or spam and no one will know you provided the information. Cookies are used to keep track of your usage of spy dials. You must have cookies enabled and the spy dials must be used on the same device that you originally shared your address book on. Your share of your address book is non-cancellable. You must be 18+ to share your address book. Please see our privacy page for full details.

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